Monday, July 7, 2014



For anyone who is just now visiting, you may notice that the last post I made before this one was from an entire year ago. Scroll down to its comments section, and you'll understand why I took the hiatus, though: Truly I have never encountered anyone so rude and antagonistic directly toward me as were so many of the commenters, and all because I decided to share a little acrylic/gel nail removal hack I discovered (and openly admitted was in no way the "correct" way to do it, only the cheapo way) in my second post ever at this url. I'm embarrassed to say that the incident really turned me off from blogging for a while--the anxiety I found with each notification of a comment made was even greater than that I tried to escape when I left Tumblr, and I soooooo didn't want to deal with it.

But here I am, trying again! Though it's funny, that, because I have a feeling the heft of what I'll be posting after this will be substantially more controversial than loosening old acrylic fingernails with dental floss: My intention is to renew this space as an outlet primarily for the recording of my journey through Mormonism and feminism and the wacky combination of the two I love so much. And I mean, we'll see how often I really end up posting, but I do intend to.

So here goes. Round 2. BE NICE, BLOGGERS.

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